Upcoming Webinar: Invisible Forces: Innovative Uses of Gas Analysis in Cold Storage, Ripening and Food Innovation

Scott Trimble

October 29, 2019 at 3:23 am | Updated October 29, 2019 at 3:23 am | < 1 min read

Managing atmospheric gases plays a critical role in the development of harvested fruit in ripening, storage and packaging, while progressive strategies in this area add value, enhance market access and reduce losses. Join us for our upcoming webinar – Invisible Forces: Innovative Uses of Gas Analysis in Cold Storage, Ripening and Food Innovation and discover how your organization can retain and deepen its post-harvest competitive advantage.

We will discuss:

  • Methods for gas analysis: We will dive into the current methods for detecting oxygen, carbon dioxide and ethylene in harvested fruit (chromatography detection, electrochemical sensing and optical detection), the advantages and drawbacks of each, along with what the end-user should consider before working each tech into their operation.
  • Real-world uses cases and best practices: How are storage and ripening operations using gas analysis now? We will showcase a number of ways our customers are using our gas analysis instruments in their operations.
  • Cutting edge research: Gas analysis continues to be a relevant research topic in post-harvest. What is being studied and how can the commercial operation learn and use these insights?
  • The future of gas analysis: What does the future hold for gas analysis and how can you ensure your organization stays on the leading edge?

Tuesday Nov. 5th @ 8AM & 6PM (Pacific)

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