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Cacao Undercover: optimizing cacao orchard systems using the CI-110 Plant Canopy Imager

March 1, 2022 at 12:00 am | Updated March 17, 2022 at 12:13 pm | 12 min read

Application Scientist Eric Munoz sits down with Agronomy Scientist Rany Agustina Susanti to discuss her research using the CI-110 Plant Canopy Imager and what it means for the cacao industry today. About Rany:Rany Agustina Susanti is a former Senior Agronomy Scientist at Mars Inc. and final year PhD student, specializing in cacao physiology at the… Continue reading…

Michael Williams | February 28, 2022
Michael Williams | February 28, 2022
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How to calibrate your SpectraVue Leaf Spectrometer

Michael Williams | February 28, 2022

Application Scientist Galen George shows us how to calibrate the new SpectraVue Leaf Spectrometer. For more information on SpectraVue, visit:https://cid-inc.com/plant-science-tools/leaf-spectroscopy/ci-710-miniature-leaf-spectrometer/ To request a quote:https://cid-inc.com/request-pricing/

How to use SpectraVue’s built-in indices

Michael Williams | February 28, 2022

Application Scientist Galen George walks us through how to use the vast array of built-in indices on the new CI-710s SpectraVue Leaf Spectrometer. For more information on SpectraVue:https://cid-inc.com/plant-science-tools/leaf-spectroscopy/ci-710-miniature-leaf-spectrometer/ To request a quote:https://cid-inc.com/request-pricing/

[WEBINAR RECORDING] Phenotyping in Small Plot Agronomic Field Trials: Emerging technologies for rapid ´╗┐collection of actionable data

Scott Trimble | August 31, 2021

Want to contact our panelists? ANTHONY HEARST ahearst@progenydrone.com EDWIN REIDEL ereidel@progenydrone.com GALEN GEORGE ggeorge@cid-inc.com Request a Quote: Progeny Drone CID Bio-Science Tens of millions of agronomic field trial plots are planted globally every year. This Expert Spotlight webinar, featuring Dr. Edwin J. Reidel of Progeny Drone Inc. and CID Agtech, will examine the challenges inherent in… Continue reading…

INTERVIEW: Reaching into the Rhizosphere – Root Studies Impacting Commercial Peach and Citrus

Scott Trimble | June 29, 2021

University of Florida Plant Root Biologist Dr. Lorenzo Rossi sits down with CID Application Scientist Galen George to discuss commercially impactful root research on Florida peach cultivation, and HLB-affected citrus trees using the CI-602 Narrow Gauge Root Imager. ABOUT DR. ROSSI Dr. Lorenzo Rossi is an Assistant Professor affiliated with the Horticultural Sciences Department and located… Continue reading…

[WEBINAR RECORDING] Hidden Influence: An examination of root system architecture and crop response to nutrition, irrigation, and climate

Scott Trimble | June 24, 2021

Continuous in situ monitoring of root growth provides researchers with a vital window into the hidden influences on what we see above ground. Join us Thursday, July 1 at 8:00AM PDT for an in-depth discussion with Dr. Shiwangni Rao and Dr. Elmi Lotze, two prominent researchers digging into the complex relationship between crops, their roots, and their environment. Don’t miss it,… Continue reading…

[WEBINAR RECORDING] AppBuilder – The Next Generation of NIR Data Analysis & Model Building

Scott Trimble | May 3, 2021

Taking a huge step forward with the addition of artificial neural networking (ANN) and enabling easier, more tailored data collection via a customizable user interface, the newly released AppBuilder offers advanced features, enabling users to build better, more robust models in less time. [RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE] Join us Thursday, May 6th at 8:00 AM PDT and… Continue reading…

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