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Teaching with plant science tools

August 22, 2022 at 8:00 pm | Updated August 25, 2022 at 7:00 pm | 12 min read

 Kim Collins and her team at Northport High School have been utilizing the CI-710s SpectraVue Leaf Spectrometer to lend a modern, data-driven approach to students’ research projects. In this interview, we dive into how this technology-forward curriculum is empowering the next generation of plant science researchers and explore two unique student-led projects using Spectravue.

Dr. Shinsuke Agehara and his team at University of Florida
Scott Trimble | September 28, 2021
edible flowers
Scott Trimble | September 28, 2021
Fixed leaf image

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Data-driven assessment of plant response

Scott Trimble | September 28, 2021

Using the CI-340 as an integral part of their robust testing platform, Stephanie Wedryk and her team at Rx Green Technologies are able to develop groundbreaking cultivations solutions for the commercial cannabis industry.

Amélie Saillard and her team use the CI-202 Portable Laser Leaf Area Meter

Modeling ecosystem functioning with precise plant data

Scott Trimble | September 6, 2021

In conjunction with LECA, PhyloAlps Project and Swiss Federal Research Institute, Amélie Saillard and her team use the CI-202 Portable Laser Leaf Area Meter to measure functional traits throughout the Alps, gathering vital information on each of the nearly 3500 alpine vegetal species.

Rani Susanti

Designing complex orchard systems with user-focused technology

Scott Trimble | July 2, 2021

As a Senior Agronomy Scientist at Mars inc., Rany Agustina Susanti and her team extensively used the CI-110 Plant Canopy Imager in their work to improve efficiency of high productivity cacao farms using orchard intensive cropping systems.

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