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Narrow Gauge Root Imager

A New Minirhizotron System Compatible with 2-inch Diameter Tubes!

Observing a root system throughout a plant’s life cycle is key to understanding overall plant behavior and health, and to improving crop performance. 

The CI-602 Narrow Gauge Root Imager is a minirhizotron system that captures non-destructive, high-resolution, digital images of living roots in soil over multiple growing seasons. Compatible with root tubes measuring two inches in diameter, the CI-602 gives users the ability to work within new and existing tube installations.

The CI-602 is a durable and lightweight minirhizotron that is easy to transport to any field location and can be used in sites with root tubes across a range of treatments or conditions. Our free root analysis software, RootSnap!, quickly and easily calculates parameters including root length, area, volume, diameter & branching angle.


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Image Size: 21.59cm × 18 cm (8.5" × 7.1")

Scan Speed: ~30 seconds (depending on selected resolution)

Image Resolution: Up to 1200 DPI

Interface: USB Cable

Scan Head Dimensions:  35.9 cm long ×  4.6cm diameter (14.125” x 1.8")

Control Box Dimensions: 18 cm × 7.5 cm × 5 cm (7.125” × 3” × 2”)

Total Dimensions: 1950g or 4.3lbs

* Scan speeds for handheld tablet included with scanner. Scan speeds vary with device used to operate scanner.

Root Tube Dimensions

Inner Diameter: 5 cm (2")

Outer Diameter: 5.7 cm (2.25")

Wall Thickness: 3.2 mm (.125")

Standard Length: 105 cm (41.3")

How To

For information about how to use the CI-602 Narrow Gauge Root Imager,
read our How It Works guide.

In the Box


  • CI-602 Narrow Gauge Root Scanner
  • 15’ conductor cable
  • Six 105cm clear tubes with water tight end caps
  • Indexing handle
  • Calibration tube
  • Operation Manual
  • Tablet computer preloaded with scanning software and RootSnap! Imaging analysis software
  • Durable hard shell instrument case



RootSnap!, our free image analysis software, allows users to measure root growth and turnover dynamics, disease, and behavior over time by analyzing scanned images collected with the CI-602. Roots are easily mapped and quantified using a multi-touch feature and our proprietary "Snap to Root" function. RootSnap! is intuitive and efficient, using universal commands for images and file manipulation. Files are stored in common open file formats (XML) and the software supports exporting data to apps like Excel for further statistical analysis.

Download RootSnap! Software for free

CI-690 RootSnap! Analysis Software Features:

  • Multi-touch Interface, optimized for touch-screen
  • Measurements of root length, area, volume, diameter & branching angle
  • Reports average values along with individual root data
  • Individual roots can be mapped in under 6 seconds
  • Integrated image enhancement
  • Automated "Snap to Root" functionality
  • Comprehensive image analysis package
  • Time-series root analysis feature
  • Intuitive and efficient user interface