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March 29, 2016 at 1:49 am | Updated March 29, 2016 at 1:49 am | 2 min read


 As a botanist, fall is one of my favorite seasons. The changing hardwoods which surround us here in the Pacific Northwest give me an opportunity to share one of my favorite science “did-you-know?” stories with my non-scientist friends and coworkers.

Those brilliant colors you see? They are always there, hidden beneath nitrogen-dense, emerald green chlorophyll molecules. And when plants shut down for winter, they break down their chlorophyll, revealing stunning colors that were present all along.
Recently while I was in the woods at Lacamas Lake Regional Park, I used the CI-710 Miniature Leaf Spectrometer to illustrate this phenomenon with hard data. Clamping the CI-710 onto the leaves of a changing vine maple tree, I observed that the levels of anthocyanins and carotenoids were constant and only the chlorophyll peaks changed as we moved from leaf to leaf.
The CI-710 is a great teaching tool and makes spectroscopy easy to conceptualize. Our ever-growing list of CI-710 publications point out that it’s also a superior instrument for research.
If you’re interested in the CI-710 and would like to try the instrument for yourself, please let us know! I would be happy to take time to speak with you about the instrument, arrange for our team to send you an evaluation instrument, or send you a brochure or pricing information. You can reach me at or 360-833-8835 Ext. 204. 

Did you know all of our instruments
are manufactured in the USA?
At CID Bio-Science, all of our instruments are designed, engineered and manufactured here in Camas, Washington, USA! 
Our small staff of around twenty people is made up of engineers, scientists, assemblers, machinists, technicians, and business-people. When visitors tour our headquarters—a recently renovated historically-landmarked building with an open-concept workspace—they are able to see almost every aspect of our business as soon as they walk through the door. From our hardworking production team that assembles each instrument by hand to our brilliant engineers who are constantly coming up with exciting developments for our product line, each department here works alongside the other to bring our researchers thoughtfully designed and manufactured instrumentation.
During the months of November and December,
we’ll be blogging about the incredible team members
who work together to make our CID Bio-Science instruments.

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