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Root Respiration: Importance and Applications

Definition of Root Respiration Plant respiration happens not only in the leaves, but also through the root system. In root systems, oxygen (O2) in soil pores diffuses into the root hairs and gets transported to all parts of the roots. Plant roots use photosynthates during respiration for their various functions, like nutrient uptake and maintaining… Continue reading…


Latest News in Plant and Crop Research: October 2021

Plant research is focused on physicochemical and biochemical attributes, as well as physiological processes to establish basic plant science. These are applied in crop research to improve productivity and also reduce the ecological footprint of conventional farming. Today, we give ten of this year’s latest discoveries in plant and crop science the “tl;dr” treatment, providing you with… Continue reading…

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Root Dynamics and Mycorrhizal Amelioration of Root Stress

The pollution caused by modern mining efforts is well documented, but the practice can also disturb soil structure and damage root systems, hampering restoration efforts in coal mines.

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Transpiration in Plants: Its Importance and Applications

Definition of Transpiration A plant does not use most of the water that it absorbs. About 97-99% of the water is lost through transpiration. Transpiration is defined as the physiological loss of water in the form of water vapor, mainly from the stomata in leaves, but also through evaporation from the surfaces of leaves, flowers,… Continue reading…

Reaching into the Rhizosphere – CID Minirhizotron Studies Impacting Commercial Peach and Citrus

University of Florida Plant Root Biologist Dr. Lorenzo Rossi sits down with CID Application Scientist Galen George to discuss commercially impactful root research on Florida peach cultivation, and HLB-affected citrus trees using the CI-602 Narrow Gauge Root Imager.

Canopy Analysis in Agriculture: Outdoor and Greenhouse Applications

Canopy Analysis in Agriculture: Outdoor and greenhouse applications for disease detection, citrus greening & a comparison of LI-COR’s Canopy Analyzer to CID’s Plant Canopy Imager

Improving Carbon Flux Modeling with Plant Canopy Analysis and Gas Exchange Measurement

Gross Primary Productivity models are crucial to estimate carbon flux in time and space. Integrating sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF), which is sensitive to photosynthetic activity, can improve productivity estimates. However, scaling SIF from plants to landscape, while including a myriad of factors that influence how much incident solar light is used, is not easy. Therefore,… Continue reading…

Adaptive Strategies – Leaf Area and Physiological Plasticity in Drought

It is becoming increasingly important for ecologists and agronomists to understand how plants adapt to drought. Natural adaptations, which help a plant withstand changing climate, are now not just of theoretical interest but are also relevant for maintaining and improving agricultural production and ecosystem conservation. Leaf area can be an indicator or strategy for drought… Continue reading…

Precision Forestry in 2023 – A Revolution in Intensive Management

Precision forestry uses advanced data collection and analysis systems to allow site-specific management of forests. This new approach to forestry is being used to replace the traditional system that has remained unchanged for nearly three centuries. It is relevant for managing monoculture plantations and semi-natural forests for producing goods, such as wood and biomass production,… Continue reading…

Advances in Photosynthesis Measurement 2023

Photosynthesis is undoubtedly one of the most important physiological processes on earth. It is how plants, algae, and bacteria produce food. Photosynthesis makes these organisms the primary producers of the earth, as all other organisms feed on them for their energy source. People depend on this important process for most of their needs: food, fiber,… Continue reading…

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