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How is Human Activity Altering Forest Canopy Dynamics?

August 5, 2022 at 5:20 pm | Updated August 5, 2022 at 5:35 pm | 12 min read

Forest disturbance alters microclimate, including light quality and quantity, that can have a far-reaching influence on forest structure and composition. Species need different wavelengths or quality of light for germination. Modulation of light by the canopy influences understory growth. Edge effects favor early succession species. Forests nowadays face unprecedented levels of disturbance from human activity.… Continue reading…

man stands measuring water height in a wetland environment
Dr. Vijayalaxmi Kinhal | June 14, 2022
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5 Ways to Improve Water Use Efficiency

Dr. Vijayalaxmi Kinhal | May 9, 2022

Improving water use efficiency, the ratio of yield to water supplied can boost food production for a growing population without additional use of limited water resources. Water use efficiency for food production can be improved at the farm or plant level. On farms, this can be achieved through optimized management. At the plant level, improvements… Continue reading…

WEBINAR RECORDING: SpectraVue Leaf Spectrometer Live Training

Scott Trimble | April 27, 2022

Learn More | Request a Quote | Schedule a Consultation Leaf spectral data is being used to understand vital plant stress attributes in crop optimization, forest productivity, and environmental research. Join Director of Applied Science Galen George for an in-depth, live training on the use and application of the CI-710s SpectraVue Leaf Spectrometer. We have designed this training to… Continue reading…

Testing the Effects of Light Quality on Red Lettuce

Dr. Vijayalaxmi Kinhal | April 15, 2022

Health-conscious consumers increasingly demand nutritious, high-quality food, causing stakeholders to closely monitor the bio composition of food products. Phytochemicals with antioxidant properties are some of the most sought-after nutraceuticals.  Phytochemical levels can be, in large part, determined by light quality, which is necessary for crop productivity. Therefore, a study wanted to find what effect light-filtering… Continue reading…

LAI Modeling to Improve Kiwifruit Orchard Management

Michael Williams | March 16, 2022

This recent study combines many firsts to guide the management of kiwifruit orchards through precision agriculture. By focusing on leaf area index, choosing a precise estimation tool, the CI-110 Plant Canopy Imager, and including important textural information, the scientists aimed to discover and improve model prediction for monitoring growth and yield estimation in kiwifruit orchards.… Continue reading…

Cacao Undercover: optimizing cacao orchard systems using the CI-110 Plant Canopy Imager

Michael Williams | March 1, 2022

Application Scientist Eric Munoz sits down with Agronomy Scientist Rany Agustina Susanti to discuss her research using the CI-110 Plant Canopy Imager and what it means for the cacao industry today. About Rany:Rany Agustina Susanti is a former Senior Agronomy Scientist at Mars Inc. and final year PhD student, specializing in cacao physiology at the… Continue reading…


Canopy Measurement of Urban Green Spaces for Temperature Moderation

Scott Trimble | January 27, 2022

In this sub-tropical research study, scientists examined the area and shape of parks, leaf area index, canopy density, and proximity to bodies of water. The study found one feature, above others, to be decisive in the cooling of urban spaces. Let’s dive in and explore their findings. The Experiment Suzhou Industrial Park, the site chosen… Continue reading…

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