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Reducing the Effects of Lead Toxicity in Plants

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Sept. 14, 2021

Lead Toxicity Treatments Reduce Impacts on Leaf Area, Biochemistry, and Physiology Today we take a look at two studies of lead toxicity in plants, and the environment at large. Lead toxicity is increasing and it is impacting the performance of ...

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Plant Canopy Data to Assess Urban Cooling Methods

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Aug. 26, 2021

With global warming and its effects becoming increasingly apparent, all possible measures must be explored to reduce its impact on human life. A growing number of communities find themselves dealing with increased temperatures not taken into account in earlier city ...

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Nutrients Moderate Root Dynamics

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Aug. 12, 2021

The continuous cultivation of trees in plantations requires nutrient management to maintain soil fertility. The method and extent to which nutrients are increased can alter species interactions in mixed plantations by influencing root growth. Until recently, little was known about ...

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Specific Leaf Area Drives Tropical Forest Seedling Diversity

Posted by: Scott Trimble
July 23, 2021

Several forest restoration strategies are commonly attempted today, such as monocultures, mixed-species plantations, and passively regenerating forests. Scientists are also looking at an increasingly wider array of parameters to find out more about the processes that drive seedling diversity in ...

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