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Regulating Fertilizer Applications in Agriculture For Healthier Crops & Environment

Farm Fertilizer – A Double-Edged Sword The excessive use of fertilizers is one of the main causes of the environmental impact of industrial agriculture. The notion that more is better has caused more harm than good to farming, as well as the environment. Therefore, using the right amount of fertilizers is considered an important part… Continue reading…

The Importance of Leaf Area Index (LAI) in Environmental and Crop Research

Leaf Area Index (LAI), which is used as a measure in hundreds of studies on forests, crops, climate and the environment, is calculated as half the area of all leaves per unit area of ground. It is measured as the leaf area (m2 ) per ground area (m–2) and is unit-less. So, a plant with… Continue reading…

The Forest Canopy: Structure, Roles & Measurement

The Importance of Forest Canopy Structure If you are looking for a classic example of the circle of life, consider the forest canopy structure. A forest’s canopy structure is influenced by environmental and soil factors, and it also influences these factors in return. It is an aspect of forest ecology that is receiving more attention… Continue reading…

Forest & Plant Canopy Analysis – Tools & Methods

Canopy Analysis for Crop, Forest & Plant Research The range of applications of canopy cover analysis is truly astounding. Canopy analysis derives its usefulness from the vitality of the canopy. Many methods to measure canopy cover have been developed in the last 80 years to meet various objectives. Not surprisingly, there have been several comparisons… Continue reading…

WEBINAR: Why Commercial Agriculture Should Pay Attention to Leaf Spectroscopy in 2021: 3 Novel Uses for Leaf Spectroscopy in Leafy Greens, Berries, and Cut Flowers | SpectraVue Leaf Spectrometer

Thursday, October 8, Application Scientist, Galen George, was joined by researchers Catherine Simpson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sustainable/Urban Horticulture at Texas Tech University and Dr. Gerardo Nunez, Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Advisor at the University of Florida, who spoke about their preliminary work with SpectraVue.   Interested in receiving a quote? Request pricing here.

WSU Digital Agriculture Summit 2020

The lights are bright when you’re the star! Here’s a little behind-the-scenes of Leonard in panelist mode at today’s Digital Agriculture Summit 2020, hosted by WSU. What a great opportunity to share, compare, and expand knowledge! .

Emerging Irrigation Methods for Vineyards

In an attempt to improve food production at a time when water resources are getting scarce, scientists are focusing on novel methods to manipulate the physiology of crops. Many deficit irrigation strategies that reduce water use are being tried. One of them is the new partial rootzone irrigation, which can improve water use efficiency, crop… Continue reading…

Food Supply, Climate Change, and Epicuticular Wax

Leaf spectroscopy is used to indirectly get information on several morphological and physiological features of leaves and the plant as a whole. These can help in detecting stress. Though there are several means to measure stress using leaf spectral data, scientists continue looking for species-specific approaches to develop vegetatioin indices that can accurately predict stress… Continue reading…

WEBINAR: New Instrument for Measuring Plant Stress – SpectraVue Preview

Interested in receiving a quote? Request pricing here.

SpectraVue – Behind the Scenes

It feels great to get out in the field with a new instrument. Keep an eye out for our upcoming video featuring the brand new CI-710s SpectraVue Leaf Spectrometer! For more information on SpectraVue CLICK HERE.

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