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Guest Post: Using Plant Science Tools to Monitor and Restore a Native Hawaiian Forest

Scott Trimble | November 16, 2016

Mihaela Ryer and her son, Michael Ryer, are using a CI-600 In-Situ Root Imager (our minirhizotron system) and CI-340 Handheld Photosynthesis System to monitor the health of Koa Trees—key plants in their restoration efforts. Native Forest Restoration and Monitoring Project Report #4 November 3rd, 2016 by Mihaela Ryer and Michael Ryer October is known as Ikua in… Continue reading…

CID Welcomes Plant Researchers from Beijing for Training

Scott Trimble | September 15, 2016

CID Bio-Science recently welcomed six environmental engineers from the Chinese Research Institute of Highway (RIOH) to receive training on the CI-340 Handheld Photosynthesis System. The RIOH is a national research institute overseeing all aspects of transportation in China, including environmental preservation and impact studies around transport environments. We were honored to spend the day with… Continue reading…

Grasslands Research Featuring CI-600 In-Situ Root Imager and RootSnap! Published in Invasive Plant and Science Management

Scott Trimble | September 15, 2016

University of Nebraska researchers Chengchou Han and Stephen L. Young have published their article “Root Growth of Two Perennial Grass Types and Musk Thistle (Carduus nutans) in Temperate Grasslands of North America” in the July/August edition mof Invasive Plant and Science Management. The article details their 2 year study using the CI-600 In-Situ Root Imager and… Continue reading…

Getting Kids Excited About Plant Science

Scott Trimble | September 15, 2016

It can be hard to grab a 7th-grader’s attention, especially if you happen to be a plant: on the leafy green surface, it looks like nothing is going on at all. But with the CI-340 Handheld Photosynthesis System in hand, young STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) students were able to learn about the world of invisible activity occurring… Continue reading…

Introducing CID’s New Distributor In Costa Rica

Scott Trimble | September 15, 2016

We are pleased to welcome Marco Vargas Torres of CTA Soluciones to the CID Distributor family! Marco will be representing both CID Bio-Science and Felix Instruments in Costa Rica from his offices in San Jose. Marco, who used CID instruments for much of his own doctorate research, foresees demand in both the research and production… Continue reading…

CID Staff Featured in Upcoming Portland State University Video

Scott Trimble | September 15, 2016

Last week we welcomed a film crew from Portland State University to CID headquarters to participate in an upcoming promotional video “PSU Squared.” The new film highlights PSU university graduates and how they are using their degrees in the working world. Application Scientist Andrea Melnychenko, a featured graduate who interviewed with the crew, had this… Continue reading…

CID Presents at American Society of Horticultural Science Conference

Scott Trimble | September 15, 2016

If you plan on attending the 2014 American Society of Horicultural Science Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida this week, make sure to stop by and visit our booth. Application Scientist, Andrea Melnychenko, and CID’s owner, Leonard Felix, would love to demonstrate our instruments, hear about your research, and answer any questions you may have about… Continue reading…

Welcoming Our Interns, Part II

Scott Trimble | September 15, 2016

We are happy to welcome our newest interns to CID! Ben Klave is working with Jim Goecks and our Engineering department. He will be a senior at Camas High School and is part of the MST (Math Science Technology) Magnet program. Ben Metcalf is a senior in college at University of Oregon and is working with… Continue reading…

Meet Our New Intern, Kim Popek

Scott Trimble | September 15, 2016

We are delighted to welcome Kim to CID, where she is currently working on QA for the F-750. Kim joined CID after completing her M.A. in Environmental Science at University College Dublin, Ireland, where her research concentrated on ecological restoration and botany. Prior to her Master’s degree, she graduated with Bachelor of Science degrees in… Continue reading…

CID Exhibits at Plant Biology Europe

Scott Trimble | September 15, 2016

If you are visiting Plant Biology Europe in Dublin this week, be sure to stop and say hello to Andrea Melnychenko and Pep Oncins at the CID Bio-Science booth. This is the first time CID has exhibited at Plant Biology Europe, where we are featuring the award-winning CI-900 Portable Ethylene Analyzer.

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