SpectraVue Leaf Spectrometer


Product Details


  • The following reflectance diagram shows the typical reflectance and wavelength of several different species of terrestrial green plants:

  • Increase the integration time to around 400 ms. Try to find the maximum time that does not lead to signal saturation. Also, set the boxcar width to 10. Doing this will smooth the data a bit.

  • Make sure that the sample covers the entire measurement area.
  • If the sample is thick, adjust the leaf clip to accommodate.
  • Use an opaque black backing in reflectance mode (such as the backside of the reflectance standard).
  • Use your hand to cover the leaf clip and sample while taking a measurement.

  • Check that the switch on the spectrometer is set to "On."
  • Try setting the integration time higher.
  • Check that the fiber optic cable is not broken. Light should appear at single end of cable when instrument turned on.
  • Check for broken light bulbs. Remove the fiber optic cable and check if any light comes out of the leaf probe.

  • Lower the integration time if the spectrum is saturated (cannot see tops of peaks).

  • Check the connection to see if it is loose.
  • Check the USB port. Always use the same USB port that had the CI-710 driver installed.
  • Check that the driver is properly installed. Try uninstalling and re-installing driver.

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As noted by clickonce deployment is not compatible with roaming profiles. (roaming profiles are often used in universities where it is nice to have application data follow you from PC to PC)

When installing the software it is useful to create a shortcut from the ".application" file in the installation folder to a location available to all users; such as /user/public or /users/default

For reflectance measurements, the fiber optic probe should be connected to the side of the CI-710. To make measurements of the upper, axial side of the leaf, turn the instrument upside down so that the CI-710 spectrometer box and light probe are on top of the leaf. The leaf clip will attach on the bottom, abaxial side of the leaf.

  1. Open up the desired manual in a browser window 
  2. Click ‘Accessibility Mode’ 
  3. Select the download icon. The manual will download as a pdf. 

A leaf must be at least 20mm x 20mm to be used with the CI-710 .