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CI-710s SpectraVue
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CI-710 (Legacy)
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Dimension 220 mm x 150 mm x 30 mm
Weight 952 g
Operating Environment -30° to 70° C storage, -10° to 50° C Operation,
0% – 90% noncondensing humidity
Minimum Leaf Size 20 mm x 20 mm
Display 7” 1024 x 600 IPS Display
Languages English, Spanish
Measure modes Reflectance, Transmittance and Absorbance

Detector Specifications

Detector CMOS Linear Array
Wavelength Range 360 – 1100 nm
Pixels 2048 pixels
Pixel Size 14 μm x 200 μm
Pixel Well Depth 100,000 electrons
Signal-To-Noise Ratio 330:1 (at full signal)
A/D Resolution 16 bit
Dark Noise 16 counts
Corrected Linearity >99.8%
Sensitivity 337.500
Wavelength Data Increment 0.55 – 0.7 nm


Grating 300 lines/mm, Slit = 55 μm
Optical Resolution 2.4 FWHM in nm
Integration Time 30 μs – 60 seconds
Dynamic Range 3300:1
Stray Light 0.2 – 1.0%


Power Supply Two 18650 batteries and USB-C
Battery life 3 – 4 hours
Trigger Modes Automatic & Manual

Built-in Indices

Abbrev Index
ARI1 Anthocyanin Reflectance Index 1
ARI2 Anthocyanin Reflectance Index 2
CRI1 Carotenoid Reflectance Index 1
CRI2 Carotenoid Reflectance Index 2
SIPI Structure Intensive Pigmane Index
FRI Flavonols Reflectance Index
CNDVI Chlorophyll Normalized Difference
Vegetation Index
Ctr1 Carter Index 1
Ctr2 Carter Index 2
G Greeness Index
GM1 Gitelson and Merzlyak Index 1
GM2 Gitelson and Merzlyak Index 2
Lic1 Lichtenthaler Index 1
Lic2 Lichtenthaler Index 2
MCARI1 Modified Chlorophyll Absorption Ratio Index 1
Modified Chlorophyll Absorption Ratio Index 2
NDVI Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
NPCI Normalized Pigment Chlorophyll Index
NPQI Normalized Phaeophytinization Index
Abbrev Index
SRPI Simple Ratio Pigment Index
TCARI Transformed CAR Index
TVI Triangular Vegetation Index
ZMI Zarco-Tejada & Miller Index
MDATT Modified DATT Index
CCI Chlorophylll Content Index
IAD Absorbance Difference Index
CPHLA Chlorophyll A (ug/cm^3)
CPHLB Chlorophyll B (ug/cm^3)
CPHLT Chlorophyll Total (ug/cm^3)
SPAD Soil-Plant Analysis Development
MRESRI Modified Red Edge Simple Ratio Index
RENDVI Red Edge Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
VREI1 Vogelmann Red Edge Index 1
VREI2 Vogelmann Red Edge Index 2
VREI3 Vogelmann Red Edge Index 3
PRI Photochemical Reflection Index
PSRI Plant Senescence Reflectance Index
WBI Water Band Index

Get to know the CI-710s SpectraVue Leaf Spectrometer

How To Calibrate Your SpectraVue Leaf Spectrometer

SpectraVue Leaf Spectrometer Live Training | CID Bio-Science

SpectraVue Preview Webinar

Current Version

CI-710s SpectraVue

Firmware update instructions

Firmware update tool v1.0.78

Previous Version

CI-710s SpectraVue

Firmware update tool v0.9.38


SpectraSnap software download. Please click the following link: setup.exe


  • What is the typical reflectance seen by terrestrial plants?

    • The following reflectance diagram shows the typical reflectance and wavelength of several different species of terrestrial green plants:

  • How can I smooth the wavelength and possible increase the range?

    • Increase the integration time to around 400 ms. Try to find the maximum time that does not lead to signal saturation. Also, set the boxcar width to 10. Doing this will smooth the data a bit.

  • What if there is a strong presence of stray light?

    • Make sure that the sample covers the entire measurement area.
    • If the sample is thick, adjust the leaf clip to accommodate.
    • Use an opaque black backing in reflectance mode (such as the backside of the reflectance standard).
    • Use your hand to cover the leaf clip and sample while taking a measurement.

  • What if there is no intensity from the light source?

    • Check that the switch on the spectrometer is set to “On.”
    • Try setting the integration time higher.
    • Check that the fiber optic cable is not broken. Light should appear at single end of cable when instrument turned on.
    • Check for broken light bulbs. Remove the fiber optic cable and check if any light comes out of the leaf probe.

  • How do I get a spectrum that is not saturated?

    • Lower the integration time if the spectrum is saturated (cannot see tops of peaks).

  • What is happening if no spectrometer is recognized by the computer or there is no spectral data with the instrument connected and installed?

    • Check the connection to see if it is loose.
    • Check the USB port. Always use the same USB port that had the CI-710 driver installed.
    • Check that the driver is properly installed. Try uninstalling and re-installing driver.

  • How do I activate my Office 365 subscription on my Acer tablet?

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    Use the following steps to activate your Office 365 subscription. Before you begin make sure your computer has internet access.

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  • How do I allow all users access to the installed software when using a roaming profile (IT Personnel)?

  • As noted by clickonce deployment is not compatible with roaming profiles. (roaming profiles are often used in universities where it is nice to have application data follow you from PC to PC)

    When installing the software it is useful to create a shortcut from the “.application” file in the installation folder to a location available to all users; such as /user/public or /users/default

  • How do I position the CI-710 to make measurements in reflectance mode?

  • For reflectance measurements, the fiber optic probe should be connected to the side of the CI-710. To make measurements of the upper, axial side of the leaf, turn the instrument upside down so that the CI-710 spectrometer box and light probe are on top of the leaf. The leaf clip will attach on the bottom, abaxial side of the leaf.

  • How do I download the manual as a pdf document from the website?

    1. Open up the desired manual in a browser window 
    2. Click ‘Accessibility Mode’ 
    3. Select the download icon. The manual will download as a pdf. 

  • What is the minimum leaf size that can be used with the CI-710?

  • A leaf must be at least 20mm x 20mm to be used with the CI-710 .

  • What are the operating conditions for this product?

  • The operating conditions for the CI-710s are –10° to 50° Celsius and 0%-90% noncondensing humidity.

  • How much does the SpectraVue weigh?

  • The SpectraVue Leaf Spectrometer weighs 952 g.

  • Does this product come with a warranty?

  • All CID Instruments come with a 12-month warranty at the point of sale. The warranty covers repairing and replacing defective parts of the instrument that were manufactured directly by CID Bioscience. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, neglect, misuse, accident, or excessive deterioration. Further, unauthorized repair and alteration by an unauthorized party voids the warranty. More information can be found in the operation manual of your instrument.

  • Is the CI-710s waterproof?

  • The CI-710s is not designed to be waterproof and should not be used underwater. The CI-710s is designed to be water-resistant. Use in light rain is fine, however, there are electronics that can be damaged from water entering the instrument, so it is not recommended to use the CI- 710s during heavy rainfall.

  • What different types of researchers use the CI-710s?

  • Plant physiology, forestry, environmental, and crop researchers all benefit enormously from the metrics that SpectraVue Leaf Spectrometer provides.

  • What is the software that operates the CI-710?

    • The CI-710 is operated by SpectraSuite software that can be downloaded at This software is password protected. Contact technical support ( for further information.

  • Blue screen error: PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.

  • Archive and save all measurements to your computer and then perform a factory reset on the device.

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