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Latest News in Plant and Crop Research: October 2021

Plant research is focused on physicochemical and biochemical attributes, as well as physiological processes to establish basic plant science. These are applied in crop research to improve productivity and also reduce the ecological footprint of conventional farming. Today, we give ten of this year’s latest discoveries in plant and crop science the “tl;dr” treatment, providing you with… Continue reading…

Root Dynamics and Mycorrhizal Amelioration of Root Stress

The pollution caused by modern mining efforts is well documented, but the practice can also disturb soil structure and damage root systems, hampering restoration efforts in coal mines.

Transpiration in Plants: Its Importance and Applications

Water remained on the leave.

Definition of Transpiration A plant does not use most of the water that it absorbs. About 97-99% of the water is lost through transpiration. Transpiration is defined as the physiological loss of water in the form of water vapor, mainly from the stomata in leaves, but also through evaporation from the surfaces of leaves, flowers,… Continue reading…