CI-110 Software

Current Version

CI-110 (Embedded Display) Downloads

The latest CI-110 software (v1.1.71) can be downloaded from here.

CI-110 Legacy (Stand-alone Display) Downloads

Serial # 32-bit software 64-bit software     Computer compatibility Manual revision

110-2.13-xxxxx or higher v6 software v6 software Windows 7/8/10 3/7/14

110-2.10-xxxxx --> 110-2.12-xxxxx v5 software
v6 driver
32-bit phidget
N/A Windows XP, Vista, & 7 12/14/2012

110-2.09-xxxxx v5 software 
v5 driver
32-bit phidget

110-2.08-10021 --> 110-2.08-10046 Download v4.0.8 N/A Windows 2000, XP, & Vista

110-2.08-08057 --> 110-2.08-10015 Download v3.2.0 N/A

110-2.06-05020 --> 110-2.07-08007 Download v3.1.0.7 N/A

110-1.03-98240 --> 110-2.05-05008 Download v3.0.3.2 N/A

*Note: In order to install the CI-110 driver in Windows 8 & 10, you must disable the driver signature enforcement (click here)

Manuals (Legacy)

CI-110 (11024P-XXX-XXXXX)

Note: The current and legacy software and devices are not compatible.