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Discover how non-destructive, high-resolution root imaging can enhance your plant and crop research with the CID Bio-Science CI-600 In-Situ Root Imager. This portable tool makes it simple to observe root growth and behavior with unparalleled accuracy, giving you a holistic view of plant health that can help you optimize crop production and enhance forest sustainability.

Whether you’re a crop, forestry, environmental, plant, climate, hydrology, or soil researcher, the CI-600 In-Situ Root Imager offers an easy and effective way to measure the impact of various treatments on root growth over time. With high-resolution imaging that eliminates distortion, as well as RootSnap! software that lets you quickly calculate important root parameters, this tool is a must-have for anyone who wants to track root growth in real-time. Check out our full infographic for more details on how the CI-600 In-Situ Root Imager can take your research to the next level.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. If you want to learn more, our application scientists would be delighted to show you how the CI-600 In-Situ Root ImagerĀ could fit into your research.

Download the full infographic here.

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