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  • May Newsletter: The NEW Canopy Imager is here!

    IT'S HERE!  The NEW Plant Canopy Imager is arriving at universities and research institutions all over the world to assist researchers in their studies. This month's newsletter features a bit about Dr. Catherine Simpson and her work with the new CI-110 Plant Canopy Imager. REQUEST A QUOTE NOW! Dr ...

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  • New Year, New Research!

    New Year, New Research!  INSTRUMENT: CI-600 ROOT IMAGER This month's featured researcher posted about his research on Facebook and tagged CID Bio-Science!  If you post about your own work, please feel free to tag CID Bio-Science and they will be happy to share!Alexandre Caique Costa e Silva ...

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  • Equinox signals shift in research seasons

    Equinox signals shift in research seasons As half of the earth brings their research into the lab, the Southern Hemisphere is prepping to head out into the field for their outdoor research season! A tool that is well equipped for both venues is the CI-340 Photosynthesis System. REQUEST A QUOTE ...

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  • Win a FREE Handheld Laser Leaf Area Meter for the season!

    CID Bio-Science Worked with YOU to make the CI-602 // Win a FREE CI-203 Handheld Laser Leaf Area Meter for the Season! Win a FREE Handheld Laser Leaf Area Meter for the season and learn about how the Narrow Gauge Root Imager came to be! We work with YOU to ...

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  • May 2017 News: Win a Portable Laser Leaf Area Meter for the season!

    // Win a Portable Laser Leaf Area Meter for the season! Happy Birthday CI-202! Celebrating 20 years of innovation and quality!  Celebrating the 20th birthday of one of our most beloved instruments, we're excited to offer the use of one, free of charge, from July to October.  Need ...

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  • CID Bio-Science Announces Acquisition of Russian Distributor

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECAMAS, WAAUGUST 17, 2018 Leading US research tools innovator CID Bio-Science is to strengthen its global reach with the key acquisition of SpezLabProekt, a major supplier of bio-analytical research instruments to the Russian market - CID Bio-Science is highly regarded in the ...

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  • CID Bio-Science partners with new distributor in Scandinavian and Baltic States: LabroTek

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Camas, Washington, USA Oct. 2nd, 2017 CID Bio-Science and partners with new distributor in Scandinavian and Baltic states: LabroTekCID Bio-Science and  Felix Instruments- Applied Food Science have partnered with new distributor in Scandinavian and Baltic region- LabroTek. Previously, CID Bio-Science instruments and Felix Products were under-represented ...

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    CID Bio-Science, an established instrument manufacturer of plant research tools, will have an array of their instruments available for demonstration at the annual ASHS Conference in Waikoloa, Hawaii. Andrea Melnychenko, Application Scientist and Sales Director for CID Bio-Science will be demonstrating the capabilities of our current instruments, discussing what is ...

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  • CID Bio-Science Acquires CP Pigment Analyzer Technology

    Camas, WA – May 9th, 2017 The technology of the CP Pigment Analyzer, manufactured by CP, has been acquired by CID Bio-Science and its sister company, Felix Instruments - Applied Food Science. The United States-based company is well known in the academic world for their range of instruments aiding researchers in ...

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  • Plant and Food Science Tools for Everybody: CID Bio-Science and Felix Instruments Join Forces this Conference Season!

    June 15, 2016 Camas, Washington, USA.  CID Bio-Science has been around since the late 80’s when they designed the first of their portable photosynthesis analyzers—what is now the CI-340 Handheld Photosynthesis System. Since then, this little company in the Pacific Northwest has gone on to engineer, manufacture, and sell ...

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  • Photosynthesis Analysis with the CI-340 [WEBINAR]

    In our latest webinar, Application Scientists Katrina Tso and Dennis Fisher, with guest Dr. Olyssa Starry, Assistant Professor of Urban Ecology at Portland State University, explain the many applications of photosynthesis measurement and demonstrate how to use the portable CI-340 Photosynthesis Analysis System.  

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  • Fruit Attraction, Madrid

    Hello from Madrid! Leonard Felix of CID Bio-Science with Chriss Maat, Anna, Narcis and Lawrence of Interko at Fruit Attraction, Madrid, representing Presh Produce Instruments, a new joint distributorship.

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  • CID Presents @ Society of American Foresters, 2018 Convention

    CID Bio-Science proudly exhibited and presented the CI-110 Canopy Imager at SAF 2018!

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  • New CI-600 Root Analysis Demo [VIDEO]

    For more information about root analysis, click the following links to view more information on the CI-600 Root Analyzer and the CI-602 Narrow Gauge Root Analyzer.

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  • Non-Destructive Root Imaging - Webinar and Live Demo

    Webinar Transcription Alright, so, we are just about a full house here already. So, we’ll get started with the presentation. As you should be able to see on your screen, it should say, “A Change of View: Using Root Imaging to Expand your Research by CID Bio-Science.” Online with ...

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