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  • May 2016, Satellite images related to canopy data helps predict forest response to drought

    CASE STUDY Dr. Tim Assal U.S. Geological SurveySatellite images related to canopy data helps predict forest response to drought Dr. Tim Assal is a spatial ecologist interested in ecosystem dynamics, specifically the impacts of drought on mortality of forest ecosystems.READ MORE TECH PROFILECI-110 Plant Canopy ImagerThe ...

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  • March 2016, Measuring Leaf Area in Lettuce Plants

    CASE STUDY Alexander Diaz
 Universidad Militar Nueva Granada  Measuring Leaf Area in Lettuce Plants Dr. Alexander Diaz of the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada has been assessing the impact of compost on lettuce plants by measuring leaf area with the CI-202 Portable Laser Leaf Area Meter.READ MORE TECH ...

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  • February 2016, Measuring Leaf Area Index in Riparian Plants

    CASE STUDY Jaycee Leonard, Oregon State University Measuring Leaf Area Index in Riparian Plants Jaycee Leonard is a M.S. student in the Rangeland Ecology and Management program at Oregon State University under Dr. Carlos Ochoa. READ MORE TECH PROFILECI-110 Plant Canopy ImagerThe CI-110 Plant Canopy Imager ...

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  • CID Bio-Science, January 2016, Measuring Photosynthesis in Alpine Plants

    FIELD NOTES  SIMONE WHITECLOUD, DARTMOUTH Measuring Photosynthesis in Alpine Plants  Simone Whitecloud, an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology PhD candidate from Dartmouth College, has conducted novel research in climates ranging from New England’s White Mountains to Greenland’s tundra.READ MORE TECH PROFILE Intuitive Root AnalysisOur recently updated CI-690 RootSnap! Image ...

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  • CID Bio-Science, December 2015

    The Pacific Northwest, home to CID Bio-Science, is famous for its dark and dreary winters. Rain drizzles steadily, fog settles in valleys, and evergreens loom against a constant backdrop of grey sky. Located at the southern border of Washington state, we're far enough north that on the shortest day ...

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  • CID Bio-Science Announces Retention of Russian Distributor

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECAMAS, WAAUGUST 17, 2018 Leading US research tools innovator CID Bio-Science is to strengthen its global reach with the key retention of SpezLabProekt, a major supplier of bio-analytical research instruments to the Russian market - CID Bio-Science is highly regarded in the ...

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  • CID Visits Brazilian Plant Physiology Conference with Distributor Tecnal

    Customer Relationship Manager, Ivonne Chica, exhibits alongside long-time partner, Giampiero Bini Cano, of TECNAL Equipamentos Científicos.

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  • Leaf Area - How & Why Measuring Leaf Area is Vital to Plant Research

    What is Leaf Area? It is easy to measure leaves, and they are also the parts of a plant most responsive to their environment. The combination of these two factors makes leaf area measurement extremely useful to scientists and growers. Besides, leaves are one of the main plant organs and are ...

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  • Root Analysis in the Field: Industries & Uses

    Crops, Nutrients, Irrigation & Root Analysis Analysis of the root system is important in ensuring sustainable crop production, reducing nutrient input and irrigation, and protecting soil carbon pools. Getting rapid and frequent images of what is happening underground can help people make timely decisions about agricultural practices to maintain plant ...

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  • Forest & Plant Canopy Analysis - Tools & Methods

    Canopy Analysis for Crop, Forest & Plant Research The range of applications of canopy cover analysis is truly astounding. Canopy analysis derives its usefulness from the vitality of the canopy. Many methods to measure canopy cover have been developed in the last 80 years to meet various objectives. Not surprisingly ...

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  • How to Analyze Photosynthesis in Plants: Methods and Tools

    Photosynthesis: Why is it important? Life as we know it would be impossible without photosynthesis. Outside of providing the essential elements that support life on earth, photosynthesis is of special importance to the food and agriculture industry, as well as for ecologists studying climate change. In addition, there are many ...

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