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  • CID Bio-Science Announces Retention of Russian Distributor

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECAMAS, WAAUGUST 17, 2018 Leading US research tools innovator CID Bio-Science is to strengthen its global reach with the key retention of SpezLabProekt, a major supplier of bio-analytical research instruments to the Russian market - CID Bio-Science is highly regarded in the ...

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  • A Tale of Two Lichens: Adaptations to Extreme Climate

    In many extreme ecosystems, like deserts and polar regions, lichens play an important role as major carbon fixers and primary producers. Due to climate change, precipitation is expected to decrease and periods of dryness will lengthen. Lichens' tolerance to periodic desiccation can make them vital for maintaining the carbon balance ...

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  • How Stress at Early Stages Affects Plants

    Stress is part of life for plants. They could face drought, pests, diseases, and sometimes salinity. If plants are impacted when they are young, they may never fully recover. These common problems, which can adversely affect plant productivity, can be both beneficial and detrimental to people, depending on the species ...

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  • Detect Stress by Measuring Photosynthesis

    Plants face many environmental stresses, such as light, moisture, nutrients, temperature, and pollutants. Many of these factors are essential for plant growth, in optimum quantities; however, a dearth or excess can cause stress. As part of the plant’s overall response to stress, photosynthesis, which is one of the most important ...

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  • Chlorophyll Fluorescence Detects Water Stress

    Developing drought stress tolerance is one of the major targets of many crop breeding programs. Precise and efficient tools to measure drought stress is a vital requirement of these projects. One of the methods widely used by researchers is the measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence. Understanding the concept and the various ...

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  • Shedding Light on Photosynthesis: How researchers are using photosynthesis in 2020 + guest researcher Stephanie Wedryk, Director of R&D, RX Green

    We had another exciting webinar this week where we reviewed studies about the use of photosynthesis in today's world! Our guest speaker, Stephanie Wedryk, with RX Green Technologies, also spoke about her specific use of photosynthesis in the Cannabis industry! We loved seeing everyone's participation during the Q&A ...

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