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Advances in Photosynthesis Measurement 2021

Posted by: Scott Trimble
March 2, 2021

Photosynthesis is undoubtedly one of the most important physiological processes on earth. It is the process by which plants, algae, and bacteria produce food. Photosynthesis makes these organisms the primary producers of the earth, as all other organisms feed on ...

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Correcting Misconceptions in Rootstock Propagation

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Feb. 23, 2021

To make citrus more resistant to root disease, easy and large-scale production of appropriate rootstocks is necessary. A novel experiment to study root growth and architecture of rootstocks propagated from seeds, cuttings, and tissue culture needed a non-destructive tool for ...

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Studying Oak Response to Light Variability in Forests with a Portable Laser Leaf Area Meter

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Feb. 18, 2021

Leaf area measurements, along with other leaf dimensions, are important parameters to establish morphological plasticity in trees with a broad climatic range. In one such experiment, Iranian scientists decided to use a Leaf Area Meter to get precise data rapidly. ...

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Predictive Modeling in Forestry - Light Extinction, LAI, and the CI-110 Plant Canopy Imager

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Feb. 8, 2021

Precise and portable scientific devices that can non-destructively and rapidly record complex data in the field are becoming integral to forest research. These tools have miniaturized sophisticated technology for simultaneous data collection and data analysis. Find out how the CI-110 ...

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Hemispherical Photography to Estimate Leaf Area Index in Cotton

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Jan. 22, 2021

Non-destructive hemispherical photography provides a rapid and efficient means of collecting information on several eco-physiological features of plants. Scientists are eager to expand the use of this method to estimate the Leaf Area Index in annual crops. Testing the technique ...

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