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Root Growth and Nitrogen Treatments in Wheat Crop Rotation

Posted by: Scott Trimble
May 18, 2021

Increasing yield has been and continues to be the holy grail in crop breeding. Aided by minirhizotrons, root scanning is increasingly used to understand underlying causes, such as root growth response to management practices. This approach could help to achieve ...

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Climate and Competition: Gas Exchange in Two Studies of Wild Species

Posted by: Scott Trimble
May 11, 2021

Climate change studies are focusing on the possible effects of higher temperature on vapor pressure, soil water availability, and light quality on plants. In native species adapted to milder climates, altered patterns of evapotranspiration could lead to increased stomatal closure ...

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Light Interception and Nitrogen Fertilization to Increase Maize Yeild

Posted by: Scott Trimble
April 28, 2021

The yield response of maize to excessive fertilizers has plateaued and with it the economic returns. To avoid further resource waste in smart farming, crop scientists are trying to correlate yield to how plants intercept light and allocate dry matter ...

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Adaptive Strategies - Leaf Area and Physiological Plasticity in Drought

Posted by: Scott Trimble
April 15, 2021

It is becoming increasingly important for ecologists and agronomists to understand how plants adapt to drought. Natural adaptations, which help a plant withstand changing climate, are now not just of theoretical interest but are also relevant for maintaining and improving ...

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