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Nitrogen Dynamics in Forest Trees

Posted by: Jamie Haase
April 17, 2020

Many wild tree species have economic values due to their use in the production of timber, biomass, and a variety of non-timber products. It is essential to learn more about the nutrient dynamics that can affect the health and productivity ...

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Controlling Nitrogen Fertilization for Crops

Posted by: Jamie Haase
April 7, 2020

Nitrogen deficiency is one of the main reasons for low crop yields. Research is focusing on plant physiology and morphology to make a more accurate estimation of nutrient needs. As studies diversify and become more in-depth, new precision tools useful ...

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WEBINAR THIS THURSDAY- Back to Our Roots: A look at what's happening in root research now and into the future!

Posted by: Jamie Haase
April 6, 2020

During this time of social distancing, let's come together (virtually) to talk about root research! Special guest researcher Dr. Lorenzo Rossi of the University of Florida, along with our application scientist, Galen George, review real life situations where root research ...

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Higher Temperatures Hurt Cash Crops

Posted by: Jamie Haase
March 30, 2020

Temperature is one of the essential factors that influence plant physiological processes. Its influence can be felt from germination to the production of fruits in plants. Thus, the rising temperatures associated with climate change could have a profound impact on ...

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