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Measuring Competition in Crop Plants: Mechanisms & Outcomes

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Nov. 30, 2021

Competition is ubiquitous among plants and is one of the crucial interactions that influence the health and performance of crops. By measuring various shoot and root parameters throughout the entire crop cycle, scientists can glean crucial insights into the processes ...

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Root Respiration: Importance and Applications

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Nov. 16, 2021

Root respiration has long been studied by plant scientists. However, a complete and clear picture of the influence various factors have on this crucial process is still missing, as scientific results don't always agree. Better understanding is needed to adequately ...

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Latest News in Plant and Crop Research: October 2021

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Oct. 29, 2021

Plant research is focused on physicochemical and biochemical attributes, as well as physiological processes to establish basic plant science. These are applied in crop research to improve productivity and also reduce the ecological footprint of conventional farming. Today, we give ...

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Root Dynamics and Mycorrhizal Amelioration of Root Stress

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Oct. 20, 2021

The pollution caused by modern mining efforts is well documented, but the practice can also disturb soil structure and damage root systems, hampering restoration efforts in coal mines. The difficulty of studying roots and other below-ground parts of plants compounds ...

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Transpiration in Plants: Its Importance and Applications

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Oct. 7, 2021

Transpiration is a vital plant process that, for many years, received little attention. Given its importance in plant health and the global water cycle, the lack of attention is surprising. However, now transpiration applications are beginning to find a prominent ...

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