CI-340 Software

Current Version

LibUSB setup tool for CI-340

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Steps for using:

  1. Extract
  2. Run the installer and follow the prompt.


To download firmware code: Right-Click and select "Save as..." or "Save file as..."

The software below is for USB versions of the CI-340 (SN: 340-005-080xx and later)

Transfers data from the CI-340 to PC:
Views the CI-340 screen on a PC:
Download Transfer Data from CI-340.pdf
Firmware code: For serial number 340-005-080xx to 340-005-13025
Firmware code: For serial number 340-006-and later
Programs firmware code to CI-340:

Previous Version

To restore software to the CI-340, connect the RS-232 cable from the instrument to the computer. Connect the Accessories cable to the instrument. Make sure the switch in the Accessories cable is away from the instrument. Start the DLV1210.exe program. Hold the ON switch down on the instrument while you open the CI_340V5xxx.s19 file with the DLV1210.exe program. After about 15 seconds, the instrument should display DLC. Newer instruments may or may not beep while the ON key is held down until the DLC is displayed. If DLC is not displayed, run the DLV1210.exe program a second time while holding the ON button down on the instrument.

The software below is for RS-232 versions of the CI-340 (SN: 340-004-080xx and earlier)

A program to convert RH and temperature to kPa vapor pressure:
For SN ending 03001, 03003, 03004, 03005:
For SN ending 03002, 03006-06005: Use this version to control a cartridge CO2 source CI-301AD
For SN ending 03002, 03006-06005: Use this version to control a tablet CO2 source CI-301AD
For SN ending 06026, 06028 and higher:
For SN ending 06006-06025 and 06027: Use this version to control a tablet CO2 source CI-301A
Read Me text:
New DL file required to transfer V5027 or later code to instrument:
Use this version for S/N: 340-003-04012 and 340-003-05015 only! (Slower valve modification)
This uses a default CSV file extension and allows up to COM8 for port: