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Equinox signals shift in research seasons

Equinox signals shift in research seasons As half of the earth brings their research into the lab, the Southern Hemisphere is prepping to head out into the field for their outdoor research season! A tool that is well equipped for ...

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March 2017 Newsletter: Studying Plants to Predict Climate Change

March News - What can plants tell us about climate change?

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February 2017, February News: Impact of insects + health tips for scientists!

Why insect ecologist Dr. Frances Sivakoff uses a CI-202 Portable Laser Leaf Area Meter. When we hear the word “insect,” our minds often conjure up images of pesky buzzing creatures who sting or bite us, or destroy all of the ...

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January 2017, January News: Funding & Facts

Securing public and private grants in order to support salaries, assistants, and lab expenses is a huge challenge facing scientists today. Our list of 2017 plant science grants is a great place to get a head start on dialing in ...

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