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Specific Leaf Area Drives Tropical Forest Seedling Diversity

Several forest restoration strategies are commonly attempted today, such as monocultures, mixed-species plantations, and passively regenerating forests. Scientists are also looking at an increasingly wider array of parameters to find out more about the processes that drive seedling diversity in recruitments in different forest restoration methods. Specific leaf area was found to be crucial in… Continue reading…

Leaf Area Measurement and Ecosytem Dynamics in a Changing Climate

An interesting marshland study in the Yangtze Estuary shows the difficulty in extrapolating general predictions of increased vegetative growth, under climate change-induced air warming. Local environmental factors in specialized ecosystems, such as salt marshes, can complicate plant growth patterns to give C3 plants an advantage over C4 plants in warmer climates. Moreover, population-level effects can… Continue reading…

Designing complex orchard systems with user-focused technology

As a Senior Agronomy Scientist at Mars inc., Rany Agustina Susanti and her team extensively used the CI-110 Plant Canopy Imager in their work to improve efficiency of high productivity cacao farms using orchard intensive cropping systems.