Plant Canopy Imager

"First, thank you for the opportunity to have my article published on the CID Bio-Science webpage. The CI-110 was of great value to us, because it gave us agility in image acquisition of plant canopies and effectiveness in determining the canopy openness."

A.M. Neto

"It is very simple and comfortable to operate, quickly providing results."

Ziany Neiva Brandão


Portable Laser Leaf Area Meter

"We used the portable Leaf Area Meter (CI-202) from CID Bio Science Inc, for measuring Kentucky Bluegrass leaf area in our published study “Drought Stress and Trinexapac-ethyl Modify Phytohormone Content Within Kentucky Bluegrass Leaves” (S. Krishnan and E.B Merewitz, 2014). The instrument was quick, easy to use and gave precise measurement of leaf surface area."

Sanalkumar Krishnan


Handheld Laser Leaf Area Meter

"The leaf area meter is efficient and easy to use. The CI-203 met our expectations."

Alessandra Marieli Vacari, PhD


Handheld Photosynthesis System

"The CI-340 portable photosynthesis system was fully useful in greenhouse conditions and the results helped us to answer for some of our questions. The measurements were easy and relatively fast in comparison to other analytical methods."

Dr. Tomasz Kleiber


In-Situ Root Imager


Narrow Gauge Root Imager


SpectraVue Leaf Spectrometer