Programmable LED Experimentation System


Product Details


  • No, LightSnap and the CI-800 do not automatically apply corrections for daylight savings.

  • The LED beam angle is 110 degrees.

  • Each CI-800 LED has a 5-Watt intensity rated at 50,000 hours of life with a 15-18% drop in spectral intensity over the life of the CI-800.

  • The PAR output of the CI-800 is 350 µmol/m2/s with the LED 1 foot above the plant canopy.

  • The fluorescent tube for equivalent for the CI-800 is: Six - T5 fluorescents or Fourteen - T8 fluorescents.

  • The uniform lighting coverage at 1 foot above plant material is 18 x 48 inches of growing surface.

  • The CI-800 has no output in the far red spectral region.

  • If you cannot see the CI-800 in your wireless connections:
    1. make sure the antennae is connected to the control box and pointing upwards
    2. try turning the control box off and then back on
    3. try turning your PC's WiFi off and back on
  • Does the light come on immediately? Do you see the CI-800 in the wireless networks? If yes, connect and open LightSnap!©
  • If no, you may need to do a hard or factory reset of the control box. To execute this:
    1. Disconnect your PC from the CI-800 if you are connected via Wi-Fi.
    2. Turn the device on.
    3. Turn the device off when the White LED turns off (indicating boot has completed.)
    4. Repeat this process until the Red LED turns on and stays on.
    5. The Red LEDs will stay on while the device is resetting.
    6. When the Red light turns off, factory reset is complete.
    7. If the factory reset was successful, Blue, Red and White LEDs briefly light up sequentially and repeat.
    8. If the factory reset was not successful, all the LEDs will turn off. If this happens, turn the control box off and back on to repeat the factory reset process.
  • Now, the CI-800 should appear in the networks.

  1. Open up the desired manual in a browser window 
  2. Click ‘Accessibility Mode’ 
  3. Select the download icon. The manual will download as a pdf.