Plant Science Tools


CO2 and H2O Control Module

The H2O & CO2 Control Module enables researchers to set or adjust the CO2 and H2O concentrations in the chamber in order to investigate related physiological changes.


CO2 Supply: CO2 cartridge

CO2 Range: 0 ~ 2000 ppm optional

H2O Supply: Water vapor generator

H2O Range: 0 ~ 100% RH

Dimensions: 64 x 100 x 160 mm


Carbon dioxide concentration is a limiting factor for photosynthesis. If there is not enough CO2 , then the light independent reaction of photosynthesis will not be able to take place as quickly. The direct effect is that less ribulose biphosphate will be made, which means that the whole photosynthesis reaction will be slowed down. The lack of carbon dioxide will cause a lack of products being made from the light independent stage to be reduced.

During photosynthesis, water is necessary as a reactant. The CI-301AD allows the user to set or adjust the CO2 and H2O concentrations in the chamber and investigate the effects, ranging from 0-2000 ppm CO2 and 0-100% relative humidity.

The adjustment and measurement of concentrations may be adjusted via the menus on the CI-340.

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