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Plant Researchers: Scientists are Superheroes Too

Posted by: Chelsea Gaya
Sept. 25, 2017

If you thought Plant Scientists weren't relevant anymore, we beg you to reconsider. And if you think being a Plant Researcher or Scientist isn't that glamorous, we beg to differ.
Global studies are showing some unfortunate and dire trends.
The human population is increasing exponentially, whereas the food we produce grows merely arithmetically.

As we progress in science and as the years pass, giving us a more clear picture as to how urgent the pending problem truly is, we arrive at a clear question:
How can we achieve a reliable, sustainable, equitably-produced supply of nutritious food for a growing and increasingly urbanized world population within the context of climate change?

Scientists are absolutely aware that a sustainable agricultural intensification will is inevitable. Maintaining current per capita food consumption with zero increase in yield and zero decrease in post-harvest and food waste will require almost doubling of the world’s cropland area in the next 30-50 years.  
This is not a probable nor functioning approach to food security.

With current technologies at hand, methods of research are no doubt developing quickly. CID Bio-Science dedicates itself to producing research tools that are hardy and small enough for these researchers to pack in and out of the field, producing instantaneous results, which are sometimes necessary in time-sensitive studies.
 But while the next generation sequencing-based approaches are helping to improve the efficiency of reproductive crops adapted to specific environments, we simultaneously need to provide farmers with information about the newest cultivars, technologies, etc.

CID Bio-Science hopes to provide aid to researchers in emerging translational research and reduction in losses due to pests, pathogens, and environmental stresses could, and likely will, be equivalent to creating more land and more water.
Without the current work of Plant Researchers going on internationally, we would not have a foundation to look forward to these solutions.
The critically important basic discoveries being made in plant immunity, pathogen genomics, plant-environment interactions, structural biology, and metabolic engineering; discoveries will remain a driving force in agricultural innovation.

Ultimately, the continued implementation of basic research into tangible agricultural and crop improvements won’t just rely on the research and data, but also on communicating the vital role that agriculture and plant genetics plays in all of our lives both now and tomorrow.

It’s time to move past the question as to whether or not Climate Change exists, whether it is caused by human activity or not, and start working to address the issues at hand: The climate is changing, the population is growing, and our food source as a result is at risk.

If anyone ever had the opportunity to be a super hero to aid in solving one of the biggest issues humanity has ever faced, it’s a Plant Researcher.

We, as a company, here to be your sidekick.  
What you do is Important.

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