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Proceedings of the 3rd International TRIGO Wheat Yield Potential
Fatima Camarillo-Castillo, Maria Tattaris, Dirk B. Hays, Matthew P. Reynolds

CI-710s SpectraVue Leaf Spectrometer

Agronomy, Environmental Science, Plant Physiology

CI-202 Portable Laser Leaf Area Meter

Agronomy, Horticulture

Tropical Agriculture Science
Mohd Khairi, Mohd Nozulaidi, and Md Sarwar Jahan

CI-340 Handheld Photosynthesis System

Agronomy, Horticulture

Organic Agriculture Research Symposium
Caitlin A. Peterson, Thaís Soares, Emma Torbert , Israel Herrera, Kate M. Scow, and Amélie C.M. Gaudin

CI-600 In-Situ Root Imager